We sit and listen to you with an undivided attention and compassion. We are here to walk the path alongside. You are not alone. Legacy work: The legacy work starts with asking the person how he/she/they want to be remembered, their accomplishments and achievement in earlier life, life stories. Often time our clients do not have to be reaching end of life yet. However the time we spend with them are invaluable for them to process their regrets, shame, or unfinished business. We do believe that especially elderly people or people reaching end of life deserve more attention and time to be listened to. We bring our peaceful presence for that purpose - listening ears and the white canvas to process their entire life.

We use our active listening skills and go deep into the person’s whole life story, so that we are able to create something we remember how they lived and celebrate. Caregiver Support : Although when it comes to death and dying it seems to be all about the person who is dying or preparing for their own death, the caregivers and families can be our client to destress as well.

Fee: Sliding Scale by Hourly fee plus travel mileage

Vigil Support

We are available for vigil process to support the family.

Sliding Scale Hourly fee plus Travel Mileage

Notary Public/

Advanced Care Planning

I am a Washington State licensed Notary Public and am able to help you create advanced directives and other end of life related documents . The entire package consist, but not limited to :

Advanced Directives/Power of Attorney for Finances/POLST/VSED/Dementia Directives/Burial Direction/Will/終活コンサルティング

Notary: $10 per stamp plus travel mileage

Advanced Care package :$250 and up ( After the initial 6 hours, hourly rate will apply by sliding scale)

Initial Consultation is free

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An initial consultation can be via phone, in person, via FaceTime or Zoom.


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