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Your Guide to Death and Dying / 終活コンサルタント

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Let’s talk about death and dying-because, why not?

End of Life Doula , similar to birth doula, is your emotional, spiritual, and physical guide for your end of life –which is a natural part of your life and it comes to every one of us at some point. We provide companionship to listen deeply, help sum up and plan the person’s legacy work (how they want to be remembered), Vigil support, and grief support for extended family and community.

Walking the path together...

Death is part of life, yet for a lot of people it is a challenging subject to talk about. We plan in details when baby is born, but barely prepare enough when someone is dying, or often times, there is “denial” about this natural part of our lives. . If you are told you have 6 months or less to live, what would you do first? Who are you worried about after you are gone? Any unfinished business you want to take care of? What fears you the most in this challenging time? How do you want to be remembered?

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What you get out of from End of Life Doula Service:

Most importantly, your end of life doula wants to listen and be a calm presence throughout this journey. Your emotional needs are our best interest. Tell us how we can help you process and can be of your assistance towards peaceful and sacred ending. Knowledge and preparation are powerful tools – And you are not alone walking into this path. Your doula will be there every step of the way to accommodate your needs.

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